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Karen A. McWhirt

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About the book, "Together We Will Win, What Happens When We Don't Talk About Testicular Cancer: A Young Man's Story"

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Together We Will Win is the story of my son, Ian Drazick's 4-month fight with testicular cancer at the age of 19. His story illustrates in painful detail what happens when we don't talk about testicular cancer. Our society still is barely talking about this most common cancer in young men, yet nearly 9,000 young men between the ages of 14 - 45 are diagnosed with the disease every year in the United States, alone. Many young men, like my son, Ian, lose their lives to the curable disease because the cancer was discovered too late.

This book is written in an effort to end the silence about testicular cancer. Ian wanted to tell other young men his age how bad the cancer can get if ignored, and how intense the treatment will be if a guy finds a testicle lump but waits too long to get medical attention. Ian hoped that he could get people talking about testicular cancer the way our society talks about other cancers.

Before he died, Ian asked me to write this book, " other guys will know, and they won't have to go through what I've been through...." he said.

I promised Ian that I would. I used the journal I kept during Ian's treatment, his medical records, physician and hospital staff interviews, months of research, and the memories of my last four months with Ian. His story is full of love, fear, courage, faith, grace, hope, pain, friendship, suffering, and other elements and side effects of cancer treatment that no one wants to talk about. Ian wanted the world to know about all of it, and hear his message of testicular cancer awareness. Together We Will Win was Ian's personal motto for fighting cancer.

In Together We Will Win, Ian narrates his own story and takes you through the experience, from the first days of diagnosis to the last day of his life. You'll learn more about how cancer grows in the body, and how treatment works. Ian tells about the emotional highs and lows of cancer, what it feels like to suffer the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, the mental strife, and the shame of having cancer in the first place.

This book is meant to be shared with everyone you care about. It is important that young men learn about testicular cancer, how to check the testicles, and what this cancer can do to a guy if not medically treated as soon as possible.

Together We Will Win
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